A un mes para el nuevo iPhone 13: Así sería el nuevo smartphone de Apple 🤩

One month until the new iPhone 13: This is what Apple's new smartphone would be like 🤩

Always-on screen and more battery are the latest rumored news

Although Apple has warned of more than limited stock for the launch of its next smartphones, everything indicates that it will present them in a matter of weeks. The latest leaks point to Tuesday September 6.

Numerous specifications of the new iPhones have been leaked, which in general terms will aim to continue their legacy with respect to the current models .

This time we would receive four models : iPhone 13 mini (5.4 inches), iPhone 13 (6.1 inches), iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inches) and iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7 inches). They would maintain the design of the iPhone 12 except for a ' notch ' which will eventually reduce its size significantly. The disappearance of the Lightning port on the Pro series phones is also rumored, which would embrace a magnetic connector similar to that seen on the iPad (' Smart Connector ', ready for data and power transmission).

Regarding the screens, the implementation of LTPO panels with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and the possibility of always keeping them on (to show the time or the latest notifications in perpetuity, as already happens on the Apple Watch). Now, will we see the return of Touch ID with the inclusion of a sensor under the screen? We have read everything, but logic dictates that Apple will continue betting on Face ID as it is a more secure authentication system. Especially after allowing the Unlocking the iPhone using your smart watch when we wear the mask .

At the processing level, the performance improvement will be given by a 5 nanometer A15 chip , designed for greater energy efficiency and lower device heating. Of course, compatibility with 5G mobile networks is here to stay, sponsored by a Qualcomm X60 modem which will improve coverage and connection speed (finally simultaneous in broadband and mmWave). In addition, the iPhone 13 would be compatible with networks 6GHz WiFi , which in practice will mean minimal latency.

And if you are worried about autonomy, know that Apple would have changed the location of the 5G antenna itself, the volume buttons and the SIM card tray to place a larger battery. L0vetodream , one of the most reliable informants around the bitten apple, predicted last June that the iPhone 13 will have up to 18% extra battery and reversible charging. There it is nothing.

The optics will be another section with notable changes. To start, the rear module will protrude less of the body of the phones, while the distribution of the lenses (on a diagonal) varies on the iPhone 13 mini and standard. For its part, the iPhone 13 Pro Max would have a larger module, improving its telephoto lens with a telescopic system . Otherwise, all models would have sensor stabilization; The Pro would receive autofocus in their wide angle and the vaunted LiDAR would be debated between the latter and the entire range (least likely)

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