Dime qué iPhone tienes y te diré si vas a comprarte el iPhone 13

Tell me which iPhone you have and I will tell you if you are going to buy the iPhone 13

A survey reveals the iPhone that users who are going to buy the iPhone 13 have.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are here and come with very interesting new features in a design already known to everyone. The new devices are about to be launched as a reservation, and we already know who are going to buy them. Depending on the iPhone you have, you are more or less likely to get a new iPhone 13.

According to a survey carried out by SellCell, a company that is dedicated to buying and selling second-hand devices, we know which users are thinking of switching to the iPhone 13 this year. SellCell has already carried out very interesting surveys, such as the reasons of Android users for not buying the iPhone 13 or how Apple grew in loyalty while Samsung sank.

In this case, they have asked iPhone users who are going to purchase the iPhone 13 for their current device, and it turns out that the owners of an iPhone 11 are crazy to get the new iPhone 13. And in second place are the users of the iPhone XR.

Users who are going to buy iPhone 13

What iPhone do those who are going to buy the iPhone 13 have?

Since 24-month cell phone contracts are common these days, it makes sense that people whose contracts are ending would want to trade up. This includes iPhone 11 users, clearly.

What does this data give us? That the iPhone renewal period is quite long. We see many users on the list with iPhones that have been on the market for more than two years, such as the iPhone 11, and many others with older iPhones such as the iPhone XR, iPhone

Despite the changes , we see how very few users with iPhone 12 are going to update this year, something that is normal. The iPhone 13 are not designed for those who have an iPhone 12, they are designed for all these users with older iPhones.

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