El Apple Car acelera para llegar en 2024, según DigiTimes

The Apple Car accelerates to arrive in 2024, according to DigiTimes

Two weeks before the iPhone 13, we expect chip prices to continue rising until and during 2022, according to Nikkei Asia

We have been talking for some time about the shortage of processors and that this shortage is affecting both the manufacturing of devices and the usual prices of these crucial components. Nikkei Asia reports that TSMC, Apple's main supplier, is preparing for a historic price increase.

Too many orders, many of them inflated

As Nikkei reports, TSMC has always operated with prices approximately 20% higher than its competitors. Now with the shortage of components that is being experienced, some of its competitors are already being forced to charge more than the company itself. And all of this as TSMC prepares for one of the biggest price increases in the last decade, a rise that may have a strong impact on much of the industry .
"These higher prices are due to a number of factors, such as rising costs of materials and logistics, as well as the race by device makers to secure an adequate supply of chips, which have emerged since the shortage of chips began to affect at the end of last year."

According to sources consulted by Nikkei, the company wants to end a practice known as "double-booking" in which TSMC customers order more chips than they need in hopes of securing production . This means that the company cannot know the real demand it has to face.

Higher prices to, among other things, discourage manufacturers from ordering more components than they really need.

According to Counterpoint, TSMC's planned price hike could have a significant impact on smartphone manufacturers, many of which have only a 5 or 10% profit margin. With this, it is expected that between this year and next we will see increasing prices in terminals to mitigate excess costs.

A few weeks ago we saw how TSMC price hike would impact Apple just at a time when you need more processors than ever, as these have made the leap from the iPad and iPhone to Macs. Apple's size gives it power to negotiate more favorable terms with their suppliers, but it is too early to rule out that we may see a slight price increase in this year's devices, starting with the iPhone.

For now, the processor and component crisis seems to be going from bad to worse. Numerous reports affirm that we will continue in a similar situation during 2022, although it is clear that at some point we will be able to turn it around. For now, pending the announcement of the presentation event of the iPhone 13 , we can only wait to see its official price on stage to draw some conclusions about the effect that TSMC's price hike may have on the final price of the iPhone.

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