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iPhone SE 3: This will be Apple's next affordable iPhone

It will arrive in 2022 maintaining the design of the iPhone 8, according to Nikkei

Apple's 'SE' model is one of the most successful due to its contained size (making it easy to use with one hand), lots of specifications and a good price. The first generation was launched in 2016, while for the second we had to wait four years.

This 'iPhone SE 3' would be launched in the first half of 2022 (March, according to Nikkei ). This would allow it to implement the same processor as an iPhone 13 scheduled for this fall, an A15 chip .

As for the screen, we would continue to focus on LCD technology for a 4.7-inch panel . The design of the iPhone 8 ( aluminum and glass chassis ) will also be used, so we will not have tiny frames or a facial recognition system. Yes with a Home button which will act as a fingerprint reader. There is a possibility that Touch ID is located on the power button, in the purest iPad Air style, although this would contradict the efforts to reduce production costs that Cupertino insists on with this model.

The latest bit of information reported by Nikkei is the inclusion of a Qualcomm X60 chip for the compatibility with 5G mobile networks , a completely unexpected feature for the third iPhone SE.

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