Shipping and Return Policies

If you want to buy on our website you must take into account that:

  • At the time of purchase, the consumer agrees to be importing the product for personal consumption, in compliance with applicable and current legislation. in Chile. That is, the consumer accepts that he will be the end user of the product or that he will give it as a gift to another person, always committing to acquire it for personal use and not for commercial or resale purposes.
  • The sales amount of the product already includes import fees such as tariffs, taxes and other applicable values, however, it could go through local customs verification, having to incur an additional detention payment as deemed by local authorities. If this is the case, it is recommended to contact our customer service as soon as possible to report this situation. ENGLA STORE will not be responsible for paying any additional taxes or duties required to ensure delivery of the product to the customer.
  • The products published on our website may only be purchased by natural persons. In the event that a legal or legal entity purchases the product, the order will be cancelled.
  • The language of supplementary documentation included in international products, such as instructions and safety warnings, may be different from Spanish. The buyer will be responsible for properly using the product.
  • The customer has up to 10 calendar days from the day their order is dispatched to send us a change request exclusively via email. We only make exchanges for other products, we do not refund money.
  • Considering the natural and obvious use of the products sold through and based on public health matters, ENGLA STORE expressly states that it does not adhere to the right of withdrawal in any of its products offered. That is, no changes or money back will be made if you did not like the product or it does not meet your expectations.
  • As we offer free shipping, the customer must assume the payment of shipping costs both to us and the return shipping to their home. Packages that are not paid for at origin will not be received, otherwise the shipping cost will be deducted from the return.
  • Protected Shipping covers logistics losses, delayed shipments and/or any eventuality that occurs during the package's journey to the end customer, giving the customer the right to decide the best option with their purchase. This does NOT mean that the shipping time will be less than Traditional shipping. By not paying for this shipping, the decision to be made regarding any eventuality of each order will be left to ENGLA STORE .

    Communes with pickup at CHILEXPRESS branch

    Chilexpress will be the logistics company in charge of delivering the parcel to the Client in Chile. In the event that there is no official coverage somewhere in the national territory, it will be sent through Chilean Post Office.

    Due to logistical restrictions and the current health contingency that our country is experiencing, our shipping logistics partner Chilexpress has suspended home delivery in certain communities throughout Chile. These communes will only have dispatch available with pickup at a Chilexpress branch. The communes in question are listed below:

    WE DIE


    We work with suppliers to import products of the best quality to Chilean territory. Our suppliers send the products within 5 business days from the time the order is received. From that point, it takes approximately 14-30 business days for the products to arrive in Chile.

    To enter Chilean territory, the product must go through Customs control, adding additional time that depends entirely on their administration. This time usually lasts between 2 to 10 business days.

    The Covid-19 situation has presented delays in the logistics chain, so the product will be in your hands in approximately 18-50 business days after the purchase is made, taking into account all the steps described above.

    Now, in some exceptional cases, the order could take longer than usual due to external causes with no direct relationship with the company, and the aforementioned period could be extended up to 80 total days.

    How orders are placed?

    To place an order, the Client must follow the online purchasing procedure and click on the 'BUY' button. Subsequently, the Customer will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their order ('Order Confirmation') within 24 hours of placing it. The Customer will also be informed within 5 business days, by email, that the order is being shipped ('Shipping Confirmation') with its respective tracking number and instructions to correctly track it. Likewise, the Customer can check the status of their order in 'TRACK AN ORDER'. It is the Customer's full responsibility to track their order after the tracking number has been provided.

    In the event that the Customer has made an error when sending their data, they may modify the data within 24 hours after making the purchase directly with support. In the event that the error refers to the order in progress, the Customer must contact Customer Service, where the order will be directed to a branch if possible or resend if it is returned to the sender.

    In the event that the Customer has regretted their purchase, they have 12 hours from when the purchase was made to cancel it and proceed to cancel the order by contacting exclusively via email.

    How is shipping and delivery carried out?

    At the time the Client makes the payment, ENGLA CHILE will ask them to choose the shipping method to be able to deliver their order. Shipping costs will vary depending on the shipping method chosen, and will be calculated automatically during the payment process and before completing the order.

    Those orders and payment confirmations received after 12:00 noon (local time) will be processed the next business day.

    The delivery time for your order is 14 to 30 full business days, counting from the date of placing the order and paying the corresponding price. In the event that there are circumstances arising from the customization of the products, or unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances occur, ENGLA CHILE informs you that delivery times may be subject to variations.

    If for any reason we cannot meet the delivery date, we will inform you of this circumstance and give you the option to continue with the purchase, establishing a new delivery date.

    For the purposes of these Conditions, it will be understood that 'delivery' has occurred or that the order has been 'delivered' at the time at which the Customer, or a third party indicated by the Customer, acquires material possession of the products. , which will be accredited by signing receipt of the order at the agreed delivery address.

    If it is impossible to deliver the order, the transport company will contact the customer to agree on a second delivery. If the second delivery is not made, the product will be returned to the central offices or to the sender depending on the logistics company.

    In the event that the order cannot be delivered to the Client because it is not at home or is outside the coverage area, it will be directed to the branch closest to the Client. In this case ENGLA CHILE will not cancel the purchase nor will the money be refunded, it will only resend the purchased product.

    Can ENGLA CHILE cancel an order?

    ENGLA CHILE reserves the right to cancel any order (even if it has been previously accepted), not being responsible for any damage and/or expense, in the following cases:

    When an inadvertent error has occurred in the online store; for example a payment or stock error;

    When there are reasons to believe that the Client is a minor or that the credit card to be used does not meet the requirements described in these Conditions;

    When the payment information provided by the Client is incorrect or unverifiable. When the shipping address provided by the Client is outside the territory, or the order cannot be delivered to the address provided by the Client.

    If any of these cases are identified, ENGLA STORE will duly notify you via email, in order to resolve the problem before taking any action.


    Once the order has been received, it is recommended that the Customer check its status and, if any DEFECT in operation is identified, they may choose to (i) return the product, and that ENGLA STORE will refund the corresponding purchase price, as well as such as all shipping costs that you may have paid, or (ii) replace the product with a new one in good condition, without additional charges.


    Yo. Exchanges, returns and repairs

    All procedures for exchange and/or returns must be done exclusively by email. In the event that the new product purchased by the consumer at was:

    • Defective;
    • Pieces or parts will be missing;
    • It would not serve the natural use for which it was intended.
    • It has previously been repaired by the ENGLA STORE technical service and continues to present deficiencies or new failures.

    After evaluation of the case by ENGLA STORE staff, the consumer may exercise his legal guarantee in accordance with current regulations by requesting at his discretion within the first 10 days from receipt of the product:

    1. Full refund of the price paid
    2. Product change
    3. Free repair

    Thus, if a refund is requested, ENGLA STORE will proceed to refund the full amount of the product price using the same payment method used by the Client for the initial transaction.

    The refund will be made within 14 calendar days following receipt of the merchandise in the ENGLA STORE warehouses. Shipping or return costs, if applicable, will not be refunded. Shipping costs will only be refunded in the event that ENGLA STORE has delivered a different product by mistake, or with a defect.

    Said return will be made under the responsibility of the Client, who must attach the purchase receipt. The product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

    The period in which the Client will see the credit reflected in their account will depend on their banking entity.

    ii. Right of withdrawal

    Considering the natural and obvious use of the products sold through and based on public health matters, ENGLA STORE expressly states that it does not adhere to the right of withdrawal in any of its products offered.