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Aura™ 2 - MagSafe Wireless Charger

Aura™ 2 - MagSafe Wireless Charger

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MagSafe Magnetic Alignment

Perfect alignment and fast wireless charging every time for the easiest way to charge yet. A secure connection keeps your device securely in place, even when your phone rings off the hook.

Reconsider how you charge your devices

Compatible with MagSafe cases, it will charge through most compatible cases, so you never have to take your phone out of its case to charge it.

Vertical or horizontal loading

Scroll through chats in portrait mode or watch your videos in landscape mode, all while loading. The MagSafe connection allows for a floating experience. Loads in any orientation.

Universal Compatibility

The charger is Qi compatible, allowing you to charge all Qi-enabled devices including Samsung, Apple and many other brands. To use MagSafe technology, you can make any device compatible including a magnetic ring.

Led light

One of the key features is a light that can be turned on/off with the touch of a button.


Charge without having to worry about damaging your devices while charging. The smart system turns off when the battery is fully charged so it doesn't overcharge.


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