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CatiPRO™ automatic waterer

CatiPRO™ automatic waterer

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Encourage your pet to drink more water and be healthier!

If a regular water bowl doesn't encourage your cat to drink, try a drinking fountain! The CatiPRO™ stainless steel drinking fountain is a decorative and attractive fresh water fountain for thirsty cats who don't like a simple water bowl.

  • Encourage your cat to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases.
  • Allows 3 water flow settings for picky drinkers.
  • Unlike bowls, the CatiPRO™ only offers fresh water on the surface.
  • Compact 3 liter tank.
  • Made with BPA-free materials.
  • Includes triple action water filter and a small, low consumption pump.

Water is always moving

Depending on the setting, it flows gently, runs quietly or bursts forth energetically. The indicator helps to control the water level, even in the dark thanks to the LED light. The cat fountain features a hygienic stainless steel insert that can be easily removed and cleaned. It is also equipped with a triple action filter that filters out dirt particles and eliminates odors . Thanks to its compact design, the CatiPRO fountain stainless steel takes up very little surface area. However, with a capacity of 3L, it offers plenty of space for water.

Fountain Cleaning:
Wash the fountain once a week with a mild sponge and detergent, without chemicals or abrasives, and rinse it. Make sure to rinse it well so that there are no soap residues.

Filter cleaning:
Remove the filter from the bottom and rinse it. Don't wash it with soap. Also clean the foam filter mats, otherwise water will not be able to flow through the foam. If the filter contains impurities or other substances, replace it (replacement filters sold separately). Replace the filter every three weeks or as soon as signs of saturation with foreign substances appear (impurities, food remains, hair, etc.). It may need to be replaced more often depending on the home environment or water quality, as well as if it is used by multiple animals. Consult the instructions for use.

Pump cleaning:
Remove the impeller (propeller) from the pump and clean it carefully with a cloth. Since tap water contains lime, over the months not only coffee makers, but also the filters of aquariums and fountains for cats and dogs become calcified. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the impeller several times a year not only to remove dirt, but also to clean it with vinegar. The impeller looks like a propeller or rotor. To clean it, pour some vinegar into a container and dilute the vinegar with a little tap water. Dip a cloth in the water and vinegar mixture and carefully clean the impeller and the area around it. It is very important that you rinse all the pieces with plenty of water afterwards because vinegar and other cleaning products are harmful to animals.
Clean the pump at least every four weeks. Consult the instructions for use.

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