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FishCat - Cat Toy

FishCat - Cat Toy

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Here is your cat's favorite toy!

This wriggling, dancing fish will amaze your cat and guarantee hours of play!

It looks and moves exactly like a real fish, without the drawbacks of smells, of course.

✔️ Integrated touch sensor: Just by touching the fish, it will start to move automatically.

✔️ Durable Material: Made of polyester, plush and PP cotton filling, withstands scratches and bites. A toy for life!

✔️ Release stress: Your cat will have a great time biting and kicking your fish!

✔️ Contains catnip: Catnip where its aroma makes all felines fall in love and relax.

✔️ USB charging

How does it work?

Recharge the fish with a USB cable (included), turn it on, then it will move when you touch it and stop automatically!

  • Cotton and Plush Cat Toy Fish: super soft and perfectly adapted to the needs of your feline.
  • Size: 30cm
  • Safe to use
  • Delivered with a USB cable to recharge the fish
  • Cats love this game

Anxiety is relatively common in cats. Veterinarians estimate they treat 20-25 percent of their feline patients for anxiety symptoms

✔️ With real looking design, this cat toy can give more love to cats . This vivid fish toy will bring a lot of pleasure to your cat and they will feel less lonely when you are not at home,

✔️ This dancing fish toy is made of PP cotton and short plush cover for the fish, soft material that will not hurt your cats' paws and mouth when you kick or bite it. Perfect for chewing, biting, fighting and jumping.

✔️ Every time your feline touches this fish cat toy, the built-in motion sensor goes into action and the cat moves in an intriguing way, intriguing your cat to kick and play.

✔️ This smart cat toy provokes sporadic movements and stimulates cats' hunting instincts, keeping cats physically fit and mentally active,

✔️ Pay attention to charge the battery for an hour or so when the fish no longer moves or slows down, the red light will go out when fully charged (you can charge this fish toy via power bank/charger adapter /USB port for laptop).

✔️ If the toy gets dirty after several uses, it can be washed by hand or machine . Take out the engine before cleaning

These symptoms include spraying outside the litter box, incessant meowing, aggression, or hiding. This can be as distressing for humans as it is for the suffering cat.

See what our other customers say:

Silvia Reyes

The product is absolutely amazing. My cat is in love with this toy. Just arrived. It came with the charging cable.

Benita Zarate

Works great, my cat is starting to play with it.
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