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Ethan™ Glass Case

Ethan™ Glass Case

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Unlock a world of possibilities with our stunning iPhone cases.

From vibrant colors to premium protection, it's time to show off your style!

The Ethan® Glass case is the definition of elegance and functionality for your iPhone, offering a unique experience of protection and style in a range of five different colors. This case not only serves as a practical accessory, but also as a personal fashion expression. Made of high quality tempered glass, it guarantees durability and resistance, while maintaining the refined aesthetics of the device.

Adorned with chrome edges, the case adds a sophisticated touch while its innovative design with a mesh-protected bottom prevents dirt from accumulating on the speakers. This approach keeps the case as functional as the day it was purchased. Additionally, built-in protective lenses (which you can also remove) in the case itself offer an additional layer of security for the iPhone's cameras, without compromising access to the phone's functions.

Despite its varied color palette, the Ethan® Glass case exceeds expectations by resisting stains and darkening, thanks to the tempered glass material of its base. This means that users can enjoy its aesthetics without worrying about constant maintenance.

Available for iPhone models from 12 to 15 Pro Max. With the Ethan® Glass case, a perfect balance between protection and elegance is achieved, offering a case that not only cares for your device, but also aligns with your personal style.

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