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Infinite™ Aluminum Case - Antishock and Aromatherapy

Infinite™ Aluminum Case - Antishock and Aromatherapy

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Infinite™: Revolutionary protective case for your iPhone!

This exceptionally designed case fuses maximum protection with a touch of elegance and well-being. Made from premium aluminum, Infinite™ is a true engineering masterpiece, providing shock resistance that will keep your iPhone safe at all times.

Comfortable and natural fragrance experience

"Infinite" goes beyond conventional protection. Our case is equipped with advanced heat dissipation technology, ensuring your device runs smoothly, no matter the intensity of your use. You will no longer have to worry about overheating, even in the most demanding tasks.

Plus, we've taken the experience to the next level by incorporating aromatherapy into the design. A special compartment in the case allows the insertion of relaxing or stimulating aromas, offering you a unique sensory experience. Every time you pick up your iPhone, you can enjoy a fragrance that improves your well-being.

Aromatherapy can improve your mood at any time.

Ultra-thin, non-inductive industrial design

Precision constructed from premium aluminum, this case provides robust defense against drops, impacts and scratches, keeping your device in pristine condition in any situation. Built-in heat dissipation technology ensures your device performs optimally, preventing overheating and delivering exceptional performance even in the most demanding tasks.

It is designed without edges with a real bare metal feel. The ultra-thin thickness is only 0.8mm and is as thin as a bare phone.

This case does not support wireless charging!


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