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MagSafe Holder™

MagSafe Holder™

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Light, compact and easy to carry

Holder™ ideal accessory that can turn your iPhone into a compact workstation, whether you're working from home or in the office. Reduce distractions and increase your productivity!

Upgrade your workstation to increase your productivity

Your phone becomes essential to improve the management of your daily tasks. Always have valuable information in view, never miss important messages and emails.


You can connect your Holder™ to virtually any smartphone by adding a circular magnetic sheet. MagSafe technology is natively compatible with iPhone 12/13/14 Series.

Special design for your smartphone

The magnetic attraction between the edge mount magnet and your device's wireless charging coil is enough to hold your phone securely without accessories. To increase the strength of the magnets, the edge comes with an ultra-thin magnetic disc that can be attached to your phone or your phone case. The lighter devices work even without the magnetic disk.

High quality alloy material

The edge mount is made of CNC machined aluminum, ensuring high precision and durability. The high grip surface and N52 magnet array have been designed to deliver ultra-fast holding force to magnetically grip and hold your phone, even in the toughest conditions.

So thin you won't even feel it.

Thanks to just 4mm thickness and its smooth ergonomic edges, the edge stand is basically invisible while using and carrying your device.

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