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SuperBack™ - Smart Posture Corrector

SuperBack™ - Smart Posture Corrector

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Correct posture will not only give you much more confidence in your social relationships, but it also helps prevent frequent and irremediable back pain!

Throughout the day we tend to spend many moments sitting. Mainly if our work is carried out in an office (or teleworking at home). The next day, it is normal for us to adopt that same position again, due to the memory that the back muscles have. This can seriously affect health: it misaligns the muscles and skeleton; It decreases flexibility and wears out the spine, making it more fragile and prone to injuries; It also affects the correct way of moving the joints and balance; and, in addition, it makes digestion and breathing difficult.

Back pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

To do this, the important thing is to maintain the three natural curves of the back, align the shoulders with the hips and keep the head upright when sitting, a task that is not easy if you have to remember it at all times.


The back posture corrector is a garment used to treat back and shoulder ailments. It is usually used in physiotherapy treatments for injuries and to align the spine and avoid contractures. Its use is recommended during all daily activities or sports that may lead to poor back alignment, such as walking, sitting in front of a screen or doing physical exercise.

Improve and correct your posture

OrangeBack , in addition to maintaining the correct posture of the back, has a sensor which emits a vibrating alert every time the user loses the correct posture, encouraging them to return to the natural posture of the back. Every time you take a wrong posture and lean more than 25 degrees, it will vibrate to let you know.

Discreet to use under any item of clothing

No matter what task you perform or where you want to go, you can use it and carry it with you at all times without your presence being noticed.

Helps develop a natural and healthy posture from childhood

Poor posture can seriously affect bone growth in children, or may be a key factor in the onset of physical fatigue in advance . This posture corrector can not only make your posture correct, it will also help your child develop and grow healthier. You can use it with your children!

Comfortable, adjustable and easy to use

The materials with which it has been designed are very Soft and fits easily to the chest without causing damage to the skin . Anyone can use it, men, women, children, seniors without any problem.


  • Smart Sensor Back Posture Corrector
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detects the change in angle of inclination, when you tilt your back more than 25º
  • Emits a constant vibration when changing inclination
  • Ideal for kids and adults
  • It helps us take care of the spine and neck.
  • Easy to wear, discreet and comfortable. Wear it with any clothing and no one will notice.
  • Wear it comfortably at work, the gym, on a date or even while driving.
  • Charge it in 15 minutes for all-day use.
  • Unique with intelligent vibration technology for bad posture.
  • Painless, safe and comfortable.
  • Adjustable strap for people from 15 kilos to 95 kilos.
  • Stable upper body support.
  • Relieves back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Remind yourself to sit or stand with a real-time gentle vibration reminder.
  • Working voltage: 5V, rated power: 0.4W
  • Material: ABS + high strength elastic nylon belt
  • Rechargeable with USB cable (included)

Don't wait any longer and avoid pain and injuries with SuperBack !


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