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SuperLash™ - Magnetic False Eyelashes

SuperLash™ - Magnetic False Eyelashes

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Traditional false eyelashes are a thing of the past!

Introducing the new SuperLash™ , Magnetic eyelashes that will make you look incredible in a matter of seconds . They are made with 3D fibers, making them more flexible and comfortable to match the natural curves of your lashes.

The lash applicator that comes with SuperLash™ simplifies the traditional process and allows you to apply magnetic lashes quickly and easily. With SuperLash™ you reduce the risk of irritating your skin and damaging your natural eyelashes by not using glue. We want you to focus solely on getting beautiful lashes.

It is the ideal gift for mom, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend or anyone who wants to show off incredible eyelashes.

Have you still not tried the magnetic eyelashes that are super trendy? Well, you're already taking a while to try these because they make spectacular eyes.

Why should you have the new SuperLash™?

Amazing lashes

You will have an attractive look in a matter of seconds.

Magnetic application

They are designed to be applied magnetically to the eyelashes for an incredible eyelash extension.

They do not irritate the skin

They do not cause unwanted reactions on the skin, since they do not use glue. Ideal to avoid eye injuries.


They can be cleaned to be used again as many times as required.

Easy to apply

The applicator facilitates the correct placement of the magnetic eyelashes, avoiding the bad times and stress of traditional eyelashes.

Vtops Magnetic Eyelash Applicator Magnetic Clip Magnetic Eyelashes Curler Eyelashes Lashes Easily Apply Magnetic Eyelashes : Beauty

How to use

1.- Place the eyelashes on the applicator.

2.- Make sure the magnetic strips face each other.

3.- Move the applicator with the eyelashes towards your eye and keep the arms of the applicator open, one above and the other below your real eyelashes.

4.- Gently rest the upper arm on your eyelid and then close the lower arm.

5.- Now open the arms of the applicator and release the eyelashes that will remain fixed on your eyelid.

The kit includes

1x SuperLash™.
1x Applicator.

Eyelashes have a lifespan of approximately 6 months, but can last much longer if well cared for.

In the kit there are 8 eyelashes, as 2 are used for each eye, in total there are 2 pairs of eyelashes

Magnetic eyelash curler set – BIOAQUA




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